Support Nate Buckley!

Call for Work! Help Make a ‘Zine to Benefit Nate Buckley!

DISPATCHES FROM ANOTHER WORLD: A Benefit ‘Zine for Nate Buckley

The Nate Buckey Defense Committee is seeking contributions for a benefit ‘zine in support of anti-war protester Nate Buckley, who was maced and beaten by police officers at an April 2011 protest in Buffalo, NY. He is currently being prosecuted for trespassing, resisting arrest, and obstructing governmental procedure for the second time, following a mistrial.

One of the things we’ve discussed during this difficult time is how to turn such an ugly situation into something productive, something positive, and something beautiful. With this in mind, we are creating a ‘zine that engages the question:

“What does a just world look like?”

What would a world without racism, sexism, capitalism, prisons, or imperialism look like? What sort of relationships would we have in that world? What would we spend our days doing? What poems would we write, what songs would we sing, what things would we yell to each other in passing? What would grow over empty prisons, abandoned military barracks? What would spring up from the cracks in the barren shopping malls and deserted courthouses? How do we love in a just world? How do we speak?

Answer these questions or make up your own. Tell it to us in prose, poetry, essay, or visual art. What does a just world look like?

Yes, what we’re asking for is idealism at its best. We’re asking for radical creative acts. We’re asking for your wildest dreams, to put on paper and keep in our nightstands for nights when we wake up screaming or days when we can’t make it out of bed. We’re asking for you to imagine what a different world would look like. Then we’re asking you to share it.

The proceeds from this ‘zine will go to the Nate Buckley Defense Committee, but this ‘zine is not about him. It’s about what we want, what we yearn for, and what we mean when we say ‘another world is possible.’


Written work should be 1-1,000 words.

Visual art should be no larger than one 8×11 sheet of paper. It can be submitted in color, but will appear in black and white in the ‘zine, due to cost concerns.

 Work can be submitted one of two ways:

Email to: (most file extensions are fine)

Send to:

Nate Buckley Defense Committee

c/o Theresa Warburton

363 Norwood Ave

Buffalo, NY 14222


If you have any questions please email the Nate Buckley Defense Committee at: Feel free to share this call widely! The ‘zine should be out in early September, so keep an eye out!


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